The Innovative System

Applying the efficiency demand and as a general requirement, heating as well as cooling should be combined in one system only. This is being provided by the Hippokrates-System which, by doing so, offers a decisive advantage compared to conventional systems.
The innovative core of the Hippokrates-System consists of the – as far as known – worldwide first combination of a mineral calcium-silicate insulation panel of high hygroscopicity, a water-filled capillary tube mat and a highly efficient and permeable basic and fine plaster .

The Hippokrates-System may be applied at :

> the ceiling
> the wall
> the floor (however, cooling needs the combination with wall or ceiling)

and is applicable for both new or old buildings, in particular in all monument-listed buildings for which an outside insulation would be excluded in view of their unchangeable façades.

For the purpose of protecting the innovation, an European Patent Application with the official registration no. 15 726 079.5 had been submitted and filed with the European Patent Office which has been made public under the publication no. EP 3 146 271 A1

Advantages of the „Hippokrates-System“

  • Heating and cooling in only one system
  • inside insulation with (or without) permeable insulation plaster and calcium silicate panels
  • no flammability
  • no mold fungus
  • no condensate problem when cooling
  • comfortable and healthy room climate
  • passive cooling when system is being switched off
  • energy costs savings