Capillary tube mat

The capillary tube mat is made of polypropylene with capillary tubes that branch off the main inlet flow at very short distances (2 to 4 cm). Therefore, the Hippokrates-System has a very large surface density. This means that these capillary tube mats are currently the most effective system for distributing /discharging energy and that the Hippokrates-System can be operated at low temperature. With inlet temperatures of only 20°-25 ° C , a comfortable room climate can be ensured. The radiant energy of the Hippokrates-System (both for heating and cooling) is an important factor for the well-being and comfort of the room occupant. The phenomenon of the radiant energy enables the application of the capillary tube mats at the ceiling and thereby the possibility to exhaust the total ceiling area instead of floor and/or wall heating and cooling without being confronted with constructional expenditure required for any floor and/or wall application.

The low inlet temperatures may be generated with CO2-neutral, renewable energy sources (such as air or soil heat pumps, photovoltaic, solar thermal, biomass generators, geothermal sources such as wells or cisterns, small wind turbines etc.).

The ability of the Hippokrates-System of humidity absorption and desorption ensures a constantly relative air humidity between 40% and 60%.

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