Performance and Services

Hippokrates GmbH offers advice and consultation, compounds respective offers, coordinate the planning procedure and supervises the installation of the Hippokrates-System.

The Advantages of the Hippokrates-System in short:

  • cooling and heating in one system
  • comfortable room climate because of radiation energy
  • applicable at walls, ceilings and floor
  • strict CO₂-neutrality reachable
  • substantial reduction of energy costs up to 90% because of consequent usage of regenerative energy sources due to low inlet temperature
  • considerable reduction of insulation costs since no outside insulation required, especially for (monument-listed) buildings
  • insulation on the inside of monument-listed buildings without disturbing – or even worse – destroying the appearance of the historical façade
  • no inflammability of the insulation material (neither the permeable inside insulating plaster nor calcium-silicate is inflammable but extremely heat-resisting)
  • deployable in both old and new buildings
  • no irritation caused by either dry or polluted or heavily circulating air (draft) (comfortable feeling)
  • constantly relative air humidity between 40% and 60% protects furniture (antiques)
  • prevention of mold fungus because of high ph-factor of calcium-silicate
  • avoidance of condensate problems when in the cooling process the dew point is being undercut (no dew point sensor required)
  • storage of occurring condensate in calcium-silicate panel
  • passive cooling when the system is deactivated and the condensate humidity is slowly returning into the room ( by way of evaporation)
  • avoidance of condensate problems when in case of cold outside temperature humid and cold air from outside meets onto up-heated room air
  • applicable for use in moderate as well as subtropical climate
  • perfect combination of inside insulating plaster and Hippokrates-System
  • maintenance free – no changing of filters or checking of burners
  • easy to handle because of a simple control technology
  • long service life
  • environmental protection

Investment Costs

Without inspecting the building and without defining the building’s requirements for the implementation of the Hippokrates-System, one cannot make any serious statement on the costs per m² . The total investment costs are divided into product costs on the one side (which may be determined approximately by released suppliers´ price lists for the various materials) and into the costs for craftsmanship on the other side. The latter costs very much depend on the conditions of the building. A specified and binding offer can accordingly only be made after a thorough survey of the object by Hippokrates GmbH.

Different to heating and cooling systems on the basis of fossil energies, the Hippokrates-System will, however, amortize its investment costs due to its considerable savings in energy costs. The amortization period may be calculated by comparing energy costs before and after installation of the Hippokrates-System. At the same time this potential of amortization opens the possibility of financing the investment costs via long-term energy contracting with and through contracting companies by financing and paying-off the investment costs partly or mainly by means of the achieved energy costs savings.

Download the information about the Hippokrates Heating and Cooling System here: