System Philosophy

Regardless of the patent application at the European Patent Office, the idea of the Hippokrates-System is based on long-established and approved products. Therefore, the patent application predominantly refers to the interaction of the components in regard of cooling below dew point . The applied materials and components are patented and these patents are obtained and held by established companies. These very successful suppliers of the unique components can come up with versatile reference objects ( for the capillary tube system; for the calcium-silicate panel; for permeable wall insulating plaster; for highly efficient, conductive and permeable clay plaster).

Having said all that it must be pointed out that the Hippokrates-System is a perfect combination of all of these different components and that the core of the innovation is the combination of these components to create a completely new device. This may be illustrated by the following aspect: the hygroscopic quality of calcium-silicate is well known for many years and is often used for drying out damp masonry. The Hippokrates-System, however, is using calcium-silicate as the predominate part of its innovation in the context of cooling with its humidity storage capacity for condensate occurring when undercutting the dew point .

An important part of the Hippokrates-System is the inside insulation plaster in combination with calcium-silicate panels fixed thereon. Also in this regard the innovation is pioneering because this combination has not – as far as known – been applied heretofore and leads in this combination to completely new insulation results for the sensible provision of heating and cooling for monument-listed historical buildings. Only in Germany, there are thousands of such historical buildings which may not be insulated outside and accordingly need to be insulated inside.

Moreover, a significant role in the total constellation of the Hippokrates-System plays the final permeable basic and fine plaster which for the Hippokrates-System fulfills the objective to conduct the condensate whenever occurring into the calcium-silicate panel and with the system being switched off at night to conduct the humidity back into the room which has the benefitting side effect of evaporation.

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