Reference Projects

Ottersburg (2016)

The Old Forge in Ottersburg/Altmark is a monument-listed building of historical value (160m²; 4m high walls) which has been completely renovated.

Its field stone walls required an efficient and adequate inside insulation applying 4cm permeable plaster onto which the 5cm thick calcium-silicate panels have been fixed. The main hall having a clear hight of 6m up to the ridge required satisfactory heating capacity both from the walls as well as from the floor. For cooling purposes during the summer period, the capillary tube mats fixed to the walls suffice. The Old Forge serves inter alia as a demonstration object for the Hippokrates-System and may be visited for information purposes as well as rented out for celebration and other events.

UIB (2015)

Large seminary room (app. 150m²) located in the appendix of the oldest building at the UIB-campus (UIB=Universitat de les Illes Balears).

The room has been provided with the Hippokrates-System in 2015 and serves today for the university as an esteemed and often used session room for greater events (capacity app. 100-120 persons). The room is in particular being very much wanted during summer time because at the whole of the campus there is no room of similar space which is by far so well cooled. Meanwhile, the room is also beeing regularly used by the municipal government of Mallorca for meetings and events. The Hippokrates-System has been accompanied scientificly by Prof. Dr. Andreu Moia (UIB) from the very beginning. He is taking continuously temperature and energy cost measurements and has collected numerous data evidencing that the energy costs have been reduced by 90% due to the deployment of regenerative energy sources during a period of 12 months, simultaneously benefitting CO2-neutrality.

Sol de Mallorca (2014)

Vacation house which had been provided with the Hippokrates-System in 2014 and is since then in a status enabling to be continuously occupied in summer as well as in winter.

In particular during the winter months when it is also in Mallorca wet and cold, the house is always nicely warm because of the radiant heat energy and all the rooms let feel a great cosiness emotion.